Swallowing A Donkey's Eye

"How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've read Paul Tremblay's hysterical comic dystopia, Swallowing a Donkey's Eye? Great characters, sharp dialogue, and a story crazy enough to tell the truth."

-Jeffrey Ford, author of The Shadow Year

"Paul Tremblay's Swallowing A Donkey's Eye is a powerful statement, both a scathingly funny black comedy and an unflinching view of a very possible American future."

-Lucius Shepard, author of A Handbook for American Prayer

"SWALLOWING A DONKEY'S EYE is fine, ribald work. There's a futuristic wackiness and bitterness that reminds me of the best of George Saunders' longer stories. It's brutal and hilarious, and Tremblay's narrator holds it all together with an ironic grimace."

-Stewart O'Nan, author of EMILY, ALONE and LAST NIGHT AT THE LOBSTER




Edited by John Langan and Paul Tremblay

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As old as the oldest of stories, as new as our latest imaginings. From the ancient stone corridors of the labyrinth to the graffitied alleyways of the contemporary metropolis, they stalk the shadows. Leering from the darkness of the forest, jostling for space in our closets, they walk, crawl, creep and scuttle through our nightmares. Close as the clutter under the bed or the other side of the mirror, they are our truest companions.

Creatures features the best monster fiction from the past thirty years, including original stories from the field''s most relevant names and hottest newcomers including Clive Barker, Sarah Langan, Joe R. Lansdale, Kelly Link, China Mieville, and Cherie Priest.



"In The Mean Time is a formidable collection, as disquieting as it is beautiful."

-Kevin Brockmeier, author of The Brief History of the Dead

"In Mean Time, end of the world scenarios brush up against the traumas of more personal apocalypses. The resulting stories are as stressful and quietly traumatic as they are fluidly and lucidly written.

-Brian Evenson, author of Last Days and Fugue State

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"Paul Tremblay somehow manages to channel Franz Kafka, write like Raymond Chandler, and whip up a completely original, utterly whack-a-doodle reinvention of the detective novel. This book rocks."

-Mark Haskell Smith, author of Salty and Moist


Mark Genevich, narcoleptic detective, is caught between friends and a police investigation in this offbeat and compulsively readable mystery.

Mark Genevich is stuck in a rut: his narcolepsy isn’t improving, his private-detective business is barely scraping by, and his landlord mother is forcing him to attend group therapy sessions. Desperate for companionship, Mark goes on a two-day bender with a new acquaintance, Gus, who is slick and charismatic—and someone Mark knows very little about. When Gus asks Mark to protect a friend who is being stalked, Mark inexplicably finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and soon becomes the target of the police, a sue-happy lawyer, and a violent local bouncer. Will Mark learn to trust himself in time to solve the crime—and in time to escape with his life?

Written with the same “witty voice that doesn’t let go”* that has won Paul Tremblay so many fans, No Sleep Till Wonderland features a memorable detective whose only hope for reconciling with his difficult past is to keep moving—asleep or awake—toward an uncertain future.

*Library Journal, starred review for The Little Sleep

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"Rejoice, Chandler fans. The Little Sleep is as bitingly sardonic as it is hardboiled. Like Jonathan Lethem in Motherless Brooklyn, Paul Tremblay slices, dices and spins the neo-noir his own strange way and delivers a fast, smart, and completely satisfying read."

—Stewart O'Nan, author of A Night at the Lobster, A Prayer for the Dying, and The Speed Queen



Mark Genevich is a South Boston P.I. with a little problem: he’s narcoleptic, and he suffers from the most severe symptoms, including hypnogogic hallucinations. These waking dreams wreak havoc for a guy who depends on real-life clues to make his living.

Clients haven’t exactly been beating down the door when Mark meets Jennifer Times—daughter of the powerful local D.A. and a contestant on American Star—who walks into his office with an outlandish story about a man who stole her fingers. He awakes from his latest hallucination alone, but on his desk is a manila envelope containing risqué photos of Jennifer. Are the pictures real, and if so, is Mark hunting a blackmailer, or worse?

*A Bram Stoker Award Nominee*

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